Ancient Albert comes of age

Happy 21st Birthday, Albert!

My precious cat Albert turned 21 on & July. We rejoice every day that he is still with us, enriching our lives with his feline presence. It’s been a long journey for Albert. He was born in London, England and transported to Australia (his only crime being we loved him so much we couldn’t bear to be parted from him!)

Ancient Albert on his favorite cushion in front of the heater. Albert is a Burmilla.

Looking after a cat this age can be demanding. His senses aren’t what they were so he has to be fed carefully, helped with grooming and taken regularly to the vet. Most of all he is loved, loved, loved.

Looks uncomfortable, doesn’t it? Not for Albert. He spent ages here snoozing happily on my husband’s legs.

Albert has a big personality and has endeared himself to many people in his twenty-one years (which translates to well over a hundred in human years.) It’s sad to see him getting so frail, but he is clinging tenaciously to life and demanding very vocally that his needs be met.

Albert convinces my daughter he is much more worthy of attention than that pesky keyboard.

We are all his adoring slaves!

8 thoughts on “Ancient Albert comes of age

  1. Happy Birthday Albert. My silver grey persian is 14 and still going strong. She still loves to play and very bossy to the other 3 cats.

  2. Happy Birthday Albert! He looks gorgeous, such a beautiful coat, he doesn’t look old at all. I hope we get to keep our cat as long as you’ve had Albert, that’s a great run! And hopefully we’ll hear about Albert’s 22nd birthday next year 🙂

    • Charmaine, thank you on behalf of beautiful Albert for the birthday wishes–and all compliments graciously accepted! Yes, I hope you get as many years of joy and love with your kitty. Fingers crossed for Albert’s 22nd, he’s getting very frail but just as loving (and just as demanding for food!)

  3. Aw, the old guy is still going strong, and I know how much you love him and treat everyday as a gift 🙂

    I was just thinking of you and I found this v cute clip and I imagined this sort of thing happened often with your cats when Lucy was a baby, you MUST watch it, its adorable x

    • Yes, he is as beautiful as ever and every second with him cherished! Love the clip, yes, that is very like what happened. No wonder she grew up loving cats and indeed all animals!
      Hope your journey home is fun and all goes well.

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