Kitty companions

In my study, I have two identical chairs covered in a dusky pink fabric. They’ve come with us through various moves and don’t fit in any other room in this house. Two of my cats, Ancient Albert (twenty and a half years of age) have taken to choosing a chair each to keep me company as I write. Maybe they think that acting as feline muses I might include more cat characters in my dog-character predominant books. Who knows?

Whatever, I love having them there!

Albert chooses the chair next to me

Tabitha likes to be nearby

2 thoughts on “Kitty companions

  1. I have 4 cats and I always have at least 2 around me when I sit in my recliner. One on the back and one in my lap. Sometimes I will also have one on the arm of chair and sometimes 2 on the arms. lol.. They think I am sitting just so they can surround me. lol

  2. Hi Brenda, so nice to see you hear! Lovely to read about your cats keeping you such good company. I can just picture you in the recliner with every space taken up with a beautiful cat. I love it that they seek out our company and obviously enjoying being with us as much as we do with them!

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