Not a creature was stirring….

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the farmyard, not a creature was stirring, not even a… dog, cat, horse, chicken or cow.

Recently, people have asked me why I talk about my cats and dog but not about my other pets. These are all my animals and I’m sure if they could talk they would join me in wishing all the visitors to my blog the very best for the festive season.

Miss Molly

Yes, there’s a dog under all that unclipped fur!


Cindy is the farm cat who appeared on our veranda one dark and stormy night seven years ago and is still with us, happily helping to keep down the mouse population.

Albert, my Burmilla prince

My ancient Albert just celebrated his 20 and a half birthday (half birthdays really count at his age!), that’s well over an hundred in cat years. He was born in London, England and given a right royal name after Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort.

Banjo (front) and Star

Banjo, the pony in front, is my daughter’s beloved Australian stock horse who has won her quite a collection of trophies. Behind him is Star, our rescue horse who only likes to be petted or ridden by women.

Toby and Spud

Toby is gentle and amiable, and helped me get over my fear of horses. Handsome Spud is a gentle giant who just didn’t have the nature to be a race horse.

Thimble and Squirt

Squirt and Thimble, miniature Dexters, are meant to be on our little farm to help keep weeds down, but when they demand equal hay rights to horses, who can resist them?


My daughter called her tortoiseshell Tabitha after a kitty character in a book. Yes, I know she’s a tortoiseshell and not a tabby cat, but who argues that with a seven-year-old?

The hens have names in alphabetical order

Our Isa Browns have the only 5-star hen house in the valley—built by a previous owner to make sure foxes would never get our girls. Thank you, chickens, for the wonderful eggs for my holiday baking.

Galah and parrot visitors

King parrot on the verandah

These beautiful parrots aren’t pets but beautiful wild Australian birds who grace us with their presence. (They also love eating our fruit on our fruit trees which can be annoying–but there is enough for us all.)

Kangaroo visitors

Our little farm adjoins a lot of bushland and we often see kangaroos and wallabies bounding across our property. At moments like this, they seem as curious about us as we are about them.

Christmas, New Year and Hanukkah fall in the summer vacation “Down Under” and I’m hoping to kick back, rest, relax, read and write! Hope you have fun, wherever you are!

2 thoughts on “Not a creature was stirring….

  1. Kandy, it looks like we have Cindy-Lou’s twin :-). Our Tabby with the same colouring is 9 years old and is named Mayhem. She is the wussiest pussy imaginable, known to levitate 40cm at the slightest unexpected movement. We love her dearly. Her mother, Zara, was abandoned when the next-door neighbours vacated their flat in a hurry (still owing rent) and we couldn’t see her go to the pound or the RSPCA and she became a much-loved family member too.
    Our dog went to the great kennel in the sky last year at the age of 15. It’s such a terrible feeling, isn’t it.
    I’ve truly enjoyed looking at the photos of your animals.
    Congratulations on the success of your books. I finally have a Kindle so will soon be buying The Castaway Bride.

    • Sandy, a much belated reply to your comment! How lovely your Mayhem is a lovely tabby like my Cindy-Lou. I love the way you describe her. I acquired another of my cats (now no longer with us) in the same way you got Zara. They just packed up and left their kitten behind. Unbelievable how people can behave like that.
      So sad to hear about the loss of your dog–15 years is a long time to share your life with a pet. He must be sadly missed.
      I hope you enjoy The Castaway Bride when you get a chance to read it.

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