My 20-year-old kitty

The day after I got back from the Romance Writers of America Conference in New York City, my precious Albert turned twenty–that’s well over a hundred in cat years. My heart lifted when I saw him tottering down the hall to greet me on his increasingly shaky legs.

Is she awake yet? It's breakfast time!

People ask me how we got him to this venerable age. The vet says a strong constitution and lots of loving care. I add another reason: he has always been very vocal in letting us know his needs (see pic of him in alarm clock mode). In short: non-stop meowing until he demands are met! We sometimes say that if he could talk and people asked him his name he would reply: “My name is Shut-up Albert.”

I am ¬†grateful to have had this special animal with me for this long and continue to cherish every moment–yes, even when he’s yowling!

Snug on his 20th birthday


2 thoughts on “My 20-year-old kitty

  1. Albert is beautiful. And to sum it up,you are right on as to how he got to be 20. Turbo is a talker, wakes me up. Etc. Greets me at door when I return. We have a 3 am ritual of getting up and going outside. He is getting pickier about cat food, and prefers mine. Recent foods have been cheetos, choc. Swiss cake rolls, cheese… LOVES MELTED CHEDDAR CHEESE on bread, loves liver sausage.

    My cousin in England. Her boy cat was 26. She fed him boiled fish from the fish munger. Never anything else. So I bought ocean whitefish flavor for turbo, and he is healthy. Weight loss is unavoidable.. Was 17 lbs and now 6 lbs I think.

    Turbo knows how much I love him.

  2. Rachel, Turbo sounds wonderful!
    I love the way you feed him his favorite treats. We do the same with Albert, whatever he wants, he gets. Like Turbo, he used to be a much bigger cat–my husband used to call him “Fat Albert”–and is now very frail, about the same six pounds as yours but maintaining it.
    I’m amazed at your cousin’s cat reaching 26–that is really a good age.

    Let’s hope we have both Turbo and Albert with us for years to come…

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