A lap or a laptop?

Not a lot of writing gets done when my feline companions realize a comfy lap is available...

Sometimes I tire of writing at the desktop computer. I thought a laptop might be the answer so I could write in different locations for both a change of scenery and different seating position. Two of my cats, Albert and Tabitha, thought otherwise. Why on earth would I want to have access to that keyboard when I could be stroking and petting them? “Lap” is a way more appealing concept to them than “laptop…”

Oh well, thinking time is important too!

1 thought on “A lap or a laptop?

  1. Kandy, would you believe that just as I started to post this reply, my little cat began to encroach on the tiny bit of space between my lap and the laptop? I’m glad the bigger cat isn’t quite as interested in computing.

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