Flirting with forty

If your book was turned into a movie, who would you like to see play your characters?

Movie of the book

Authors are often asked that question. Aah… if only! It would be so much fun to see my imagined characters come to life on screen—especially the dogs!

Best-selling author Jane Porter doesn’t have to dream about an imaginary cast. A few years back, her women’s fiction novel Flirting with Forty was made into a Lifetime Original movie starring Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley.

Flirting with Forty the movie closely follows Jane’s book—a coming-of-middle age story of a woman not ready to give up on love and life. Following a nasty divorce, on-the-cusp-of-forty Jackie Laurens goes on vacation to Hawaii. Her passionate fling with her much younger surfing instructor Kai (Kyle in the movie) leads her to question what she will risk for happiness.

Jane Porter (centre) with Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley

I can only imagine how exciting it must have been for Jane to watch the movie being filmed on location in Hawaii. Especially as Jane makes no secret that Flirting with Forty is based on her real-life love story with Ty Gurney.

“My favorite memory of the week was sitting in one of the director chairs wearing a headset and listening in during filming,” says Jane. “I was breathless all week watching scenes come to life. Those characters … mine! The setting, the story, the words … that started with me. I felt pride, but more than that, awe. Someone, somewhere, had loved my story so much they fought to bring it to life.”

When Flirting with Forty first aired in the US in 2008, it was watched by more than four million viewers, making it one of Lifetime Television’s four most-watched movies of 2008.

The book

Jane writes women’s fiction for 5 Spot/Hachette and passionate contemporary romance for Harlequin. I’ve met her in both the US and Australia where she has many fans. She’s a warm, generous person and a truly inspiring speaker—I’ve seen  audiences moved to tears as she talks about how she creates the memorable characters who people her books.

The Flirting With Forty movie will premiere for the first time in Australia on Foxtel TV at 8:30pm on Christmas Day and again on Valentine’s Day February 14—at last Aussie viewers will have the chance to see Jane’s story come to life on the screen. You can see the trailer here:

I’m a fan of both Jane and Heather Locklear and I can’t wait to see the movie!

Do you enjoy seeing a movie made of a book you love? Or do you prefer to keep it in your own imagination? To celebrate the Flirting with Forty movie’s Australian premiere, Jane has given me five signed copies of her book Flirting with Forty to give away to readers anywhere in the world. Make a comment for a chance to win! (Don’t forget to leave your email address.)

Visit Jane Porter’s website to read more about Flirting with Forty.


24 thoughts on “Flirting with forty

  1. Wow, Kandy, I’ve been dying to see this! How fabulous that it’s on Aussie TV at last. I loved the book – it was one of those laugh and cry experiences. Beautifully done! I can imagine how excited Jane was to see her characters brought to life on the screen.

    • Wouldn’t it be a thrill Anna? When LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD first went on sale last year I got an email from Sony Entertainment asking who had the movie and television rights to my novel. My heartbeat went into triple time! However my agent warned me not too get too excited and she was right–nothing happened.
      I’m so looking forward to seeing the movie of FLIRTING WITH FORTY.

  2. Hi Kandy,

    What a terrific thing it must be to have your story translated into film! I love Jane’s books so this is an extra treat. I suppose there must be an element of fear, seeing that the film must be an interpretation of the story you conjured up and you’d wonder how it would translate into that medium. But it sounds as if this has been a terrific experience for Jane. I hope it’s the first of many more such experiences. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    I think I’d find it difficult to choose actors for the lead roles, but then the author doesn’t get to choose, do they? Do you have thoughts on who you’d like to see in ‘Home is Where the Bark Is’?

  3. Hi Annie, yes I think there are authors who are not happy about how the movies that have been made from their books. However, I believe Jane was very happy with the movie of FLIRTING WITH FORTY. (Even though I am a fan of Heather Locklear dating back to Melrose Place, don’t you think Jane Porter looks herself looks just as movie-star attractive herself in the photo I posted?)
    How would I cast HOME IS WHERE THE BARK IS? To tell you truth I had a young Daniel Craig in mind when I started writing the story but as I wrote he also got elements of Jason O’Mara from the TV show (the American version) of LIfe on Mars. For Serena, I kind of thought someone like Megan Fox in looks.

  4. Yeah, and double Yeah.. Flirting with forty was so so unbelieveable… oh in a good way… I loved it…

    And, having being a long time surfer who surfed with many famous Aussie Surfers, I envy you Jane who still surfs… or still has the capablity of surfing. It’s such a feeling of freedom… only a surfer can relate to.. 🙂 Geeish, I think I’m reminising. 🙂

    Suz 🙂

  5. Kandy, I just went to have a look at that You-Tube clip for FLIRTING WITH FORTY! It looks great, doesn’t it! I can’t think of a more perfect way to relax at the end of the Christmas Day than watching a lovely light-hearted movie like this would be! And a couple of hours of Robert Buckley on the screen – nothing to complain about there!

    Huge congratulations to Jane Porter! Her novels are fabulous so I’m really looking forward to seeing a very entertaining movie version – must keep an eye peeled for the DVD.

    Hey, wow, to you too having someone inquire about film rights for LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD! What a thrill even if nothing further has happened at this stage!

    I think it would be quite challenging to have one of your books made into a movie. Exciting – but challenging. I think as we’re writing, we have a very definite version running through our heads. Relinquishing that artistic control could be hard if the director had a completely different visual of how things should work!


  6. Hi, Kandy! Jane is such a lovely person. I’ve seen her speak at conferences twice now and she’s so engaging. I could listen to her all day. How fantastic that Flirting with Forty is about to be aired here. I’ve been toying with getting Foxtel again; this is a very good reason to get it now!

    I’d love to see film versions of your books. They’re really well suited to film/TV, actually. And casting for the animal roles would be soooo much fun.

  7. Hiya Kandy!
    I’d love to see one of your wonderful books made into a movie. You didn’t say who’d play the roles tho. :-)Maybe ours would be more dificult than most since they feature animals and we all know the old saying about working wih children and animals!
    I don’t need a copy of your book or Jane’s as I’m lucky enough to have both and I’ve already seen the movie version of Flirting With Forty, which I really enjoyed – can’t believe it’s taken this long to get to Australia tho!
    Anyways, gotta get on the road, am in Europe, drowning in snow and loving the cold! Would love the next Kandy Shepherd to keep me compnay tho, when’s it out?
    Merry Christmas and see you in NYC!

  8. Hi Sharon, I just read a scathing story in the newspaper about the quality of what’s generally on offer on TV on Christmas Day–what a breath of fresh air for them to air a “chick flick” like FLIRTING WITH FORTY. By that time of evening I know I just want to crash and be entertained somewhere a long way away from the kitchen!

    I wondered about that “relinquishing artistic control” thing too. I mentioned it to another US author who had sold movie rights to her novel. “Just gimme the check,” she gloated, which I thought was probably a realistic answer!

  9. Hey Vanessa, great to see you here. I’ve seen Jane speak a few times at conferences too, and been very impressed. I’ve also seen the generous prizes she donates to the Romance Writers of Australia’s charity auctions which is why I am happy to help spread the word about her movie showing in Australia. She has lots of fans “down under”.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see my books in a film–I’d especially like to see the courtroom scene with Brutus in LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD. I’d love to see what kind of dog a casting director would come up with for my millionaire mutt!

  10. Hi CC, I find it impossible to keep track of which part of the world you are in at any given time! I’m shivering at the thought of the weather conditions in Europe.
    The mind boggles at the thought of casting for your crazy pig who is such a hoot of a character in your books. Dogs might be a breeze by comparison!
    I don’t have any news yet about when my next book is likely to be out–the wheels of publishing grind so slowly but will let you know as soon as I do.
    I hope you have a wonderful white Christmas.

  11. Dogs Ears! (that’s how we say ‘cheers’ here at my geniune dog-friendly B&B – Wagtails).

    About Flirting With Forty: when it first hit Civic video I watched it, loved it, then bought it (the DVD).

    I’d love to read the book because i always find the book-movie comparison interestig from a writing perspective. Recenly I was told (being an aspiring author) that I write novels like a screenplay (ah! that means I need more setting to put the reader in the picture.). I’d love to read Jane’s book, then watch the movie (which I sorta know verbatim anyway) to see how if differes. I think it would help me be a better writer maybe.
    So do I have to shake? Beg? Rollover maybe? Play dead even LOL to win a book . Woof!

  12. Hi Kandy
    Have a great memory of Jane after conference in Brissy, some wine – of course- a room full of authors and everyone giggling. Love that Flirting is coming out at Christmas. Have to record on Mystar as working Christmas day, but hey, might get to catch a Christmas baby. Would think your LIAFLW would be a really amusing movie. Fingers crossed for you, mate
    xx Fi

  13. Hi Jenn, how wonderful that you are such a fan of the FLIRTING WITH FORTY movie! And of course you have definitely come to the right blog with that cute dog talk! I’m glad to hear Wagtails is still going strong, such a great idea for dog lovers.

  14. Hi Fiona, thanks for reminding me that it was at a Brisbane RWAmerica conference that I first heard Jane Porter speak–I know she made lots of friends at that conference.
    We all tend to think of people having Christmas Day off work but of course there is an army of people like you working. I think the joy of delivering a Christmas baby would more than compensate for having to watch the movie later on. (For anyone reading this who doesn’t know Fiona, she is an ace midwife, the author of many heartwarming Harlequin Mills & Boon medical romances and–ta-da!–the author of THE DON’T PANIC GUIDE TO BIRTH recently published by Penguin which would make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone expecting a baby.)

  15. I’ve seen the movie already and loved it. Our small video shop in out-of-the-way Whangarei, NZ had it and the surf link immediately caught my attention, having just had my own surfing romance hit the shelves. Heather was great in it. I had no idea it was based on real life, though. Very romantic indeed!

    Kandy, what a great title for your book.

  16. I think it would be amazing to have a book made into a film. I’d love to see your Love is a Four Legged word made into one. It’s such a lovely romance. Thanks for posting such an interesting blog. I’ve seen Jane speak and she certainly is a passionate speaker. She looks amazing in the photos. I think she could star as the lead.
    Thanks again, Kandy.
    Cathleen Ross

  17. Hi Zana, thanks for visiting. The layers of romance in FLIRTING WITH FORTY are so appealing aren’t they? Real-life romance inspires book that inspires movie–happy-ever-after endings all round. (And isn’t that what we romance writers and readers love!)
    If you call back to the blog, do tell us about your surfing romance novel.
    Glad you like the title of my book–I was delighted when Berkley kept my titles!

  18. Hi Cathleen–lovely to see you here! Yes, I have to admit I would love to see LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD made into a movie–our friend Anna Campbell always says the book reminds her of those 1930s screwball romantic comedies we all love.
    I think your novel DIRTY SEXY MURDER would make a good movie too, it’s a fun, sexy thriller–though perhaps no close-ups for those scenes set in the Brazilian waxing salon!

  19. Thanks everyone for your comments–such fun to read them!
    The winners of the copies of Jane Porter’s book FLIRTING WITH FORTY are: Jenn McLeod, Zana Bell, Fiona McArthur, Vanessa Barneveld and Sharon Archer.
    Please email me on with your snail mail addresses so we can get those books out to you.
    K xx

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