Books, beautiful books!

Both dogs are on the outside back cover, too.

Excitement all round when my author copies of HOME IS WHERE THE BARK IS arrived from Penguin in New York. The cover is gorgeous, with the two dogs– sad-eyed Mack (the big black one) and cute Bessie (the purse-sized pooch in the purse!) The band around the title is a wonderful fuchsia colored foil-and Serena is wearing purple, my favorite color. This was the first time I saw the back of the book—and it’s as lovely as the front.

I find it awe-inspiring to see the first draft of the cover and discover how the cover artist and designer have interpreted my imaginary people. Of course with the trend for “headless” people on covers, it’s just their bodies we see but I love the way Serena and Nick look.  (BTW, I like the headless trend as it lets my imagination fill in the faces of the characters in a book.) The first version of the cover had Mack as a German shepherd. While the big mutt might have some German shepherd, he is very definitely black and the final version has him as the correct color!

I, husband,  and daughter were all thrilled when we opened the big boxes of my books—my books!—the only creature left unmoved by it all was Tabitha—as her expression shows. “Don’t tell me that’s another book about dogs,” it could say. “When are you going to write a book about the superior feline species?” Or, more likely, “Get those books out quick smart so I can have the box.”

Tabitha just wants the box!

WHAT I’M READING NOW:  C.C Coburn’s The Sheriff and the Baby (Harlequin American Romance) is a sweet, heart-warming story with a touch of mystery and a whole lot of humor set in small-town Colorado. C.C and I became buddies when we were both striving to get published and this is her second book. I’m really enjoying it!