Book signing can be fun!

Waiting for readers

Waiting for readers

My first Romance Writers of America convention as a published author with my actual printed book to show, sign and sell. The big literacy signing at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington DC was awesome – more than 500 authors signing their books donated by our publishers with the proceeds going to adult literacy programs.

So how to attract readers to this newbie’s section of that massive room? I had help. First from the wonderful Kim Castillo who solved the problem of how to make a batch of brownies a long way from my own kitchen by cooking them for me. Why brownies? They’re an important part of the plot of LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD (the recipe is on my website.)

Brownie wrapping

Brownie wrapping

All wrapped in bite-sized pieces the brownies filled a basket and made a good excuse for people to stop and sample – both the brownies and my book.

Then my marketing assistants – husband, teenage daughter and her friend wore their LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD T-shirts with great enthusiasm and handed out bookmarks to direct readers to my little area of that room.

Team Brutus

Team Brutus

They got lots of comments! And yes, I signed lots of books! It was a wonderful experience.

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