My First Entry…

So I plan to write my first-ever blog. Something witty and succinct that might appeal to other writers and potential readers of my debut novel Love Is A Four-Legged Word. Impressive. Thought provoking. Controversial even. Something worthy of a maiden blog.

That was last night. No blog.Instead I ended up helping my daughter with her urgent, last-minute assignment for Design & Technology that if she didn’t hand in this morning she would get zero marks for. I try to be positive and focus on the joy of helping her.  To appreciate the opportunity to learn about how screen-printing worked. And tonight I will blog.

But tonight there was another urgent last-minute assignment. This time it was on analyzing a chick lit book and a chick lit flick. This is a subject I know lots about! I think we’ll do okay in this essay. I write romantic comedy. I write women’s fiction with a chick lit tone. Help with math? Forget it. But chick lit…

To help her, I pick from my bookshelf both Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones’s Diary. Start reading. Get immersed in them. Get annoyed when my daughter asks questions – I want to read on! But that’s okay. Because I want to start my blogs with a note on What I’m Reading. One of the things I love about the Internet is the ability to connect with other book lovers. Google the title of the book I’ve just finished and there I find a community of people who’ve read the same book and are keen to share their opinions. So tonight I can start with:

WHAT I’M (RE-) READING Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

And I guess I’ve learned  that my daughter has inherited my own tendency to procrastinate and that I should let her do her own homework if I’m ever to finish the new book I’m writing.


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